Choosing a Sat Nav for your Motorcycle

Getting from A to B has never been easier, thanks to the invention of GPS and Sat Nav technology. Although there are hundreds of sat nav choices available for cars, the choices are more limited when it comes to Sat Nav for motorcycles. This is because the mounting and displaying options are slightly different for motorcycles, due to the design. In order to choose the right type of sat nav for your needs, you will have to consider a few different points.

Mounting Style

With motorbike sat nav devices, the mounting style is probably one of the most important considerations. It is unlikely that you will be able to buy a sat nav which is designed for in-car use, unless you also buy a special mount to adapt it with. On the other hand, if you choose a model that is designed especially for motorcycles, you will still have to take care to make sure that it can be mounted easily on your particular bike. You should be able to put it on and take it off again with ease, so that you do not have to leave the device in situ when you leave the bike.

Screen Size and Quality

The screen will need to be large enough that you can see it clearly whilst you are riding. If the screen is too small, you will not be able to focus on the directions properly. Screen quality is also an important factor, because it can be more difficult to see low quality screens in bright light. This could become a problem if you spend time riding your bike in bright sunlight.


Any device that is to be mounted on a motorcycle needs to be able to withstand tough conditions. It will be subjected to rain and wind whilst you are out riding, so it is important that the elements will not damage it. The sat nav should also be able to hold battery charge when the temperature drops. Many battery powered devices lose charge in cold weather and some electrical devices function less efficiently. Check the credentials of your sat nav before you use it in a cold climate.

Availability of Updates

Find out how your proposed sat nav device is updated and whether it is possible to get maps for areas outside of your country of origin. A sat nav which cannot be updated will quickly become defunct or less reliable. Having the ability to download new maps for foreign countries will allow you to have the possibility to use your sat nav system if you go abroad. Although there may be an extra charge for foreign maps, at least the option is available to you.

Bluetooth Voice Capabilities

If you have Bluetooth speakers in your helmet, you may want to investigate sat nav devices that have Bluetooth capabilities. These devices are able to transmit voice instructions from the sat nav unit to the speakers in your helmet, so that you are able to listen to audio instructions whilst you are driving.


A great motorbike sat nav should be easy to take off when you park up. This will help to reduce the likelihood that the device will be stolen by thieves. Once you have removed the device, it should be easy to store, so that you will be able to keep it safe when it is not in use. Most sat nav devices for motorcycles should be able to fit easily into the underseat storage area which is found on most vehicles. Other sat nav devices have unique components which can be removed temporarily to leave the device useless to anyone but the owner.