The Benefits of Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet Cam

Helmet cameras have become increasingly popular in recent years amongst motorcycle riders and passengers. In 2016, helmet cameras were actually considered to be one of the top Christmas gifts for motorcycle enthusiasts. With so many benefits, it is no surprise that these cameras are becoming more and more popular every day. Here are a few of the benefits of riding with a motorcycle helmet camera.

Record Your Favourite Rides

Wearing a helmet camera is a great way to record your favourite motorbike rides. Upload the video to your computer or media player or create a youtube motorcycle channel even and you will be able to enjoy and share all of the excitement all over again. Watching the rides back from the comfort of your armchair will also allow you to appreciate some of the things that you might not have had chance to dwell on during the continued journey.

Riding a motorcycle can be an intense experience, which means that riders do not always have chance to appreciate the little details. Recording and re-watching helmet camera videos will allow you the opportunity to do this. You can even edit the rides to create cool montage videos or add other effects to your films.

Improve your skills

Having the ability to review your riding when you are off of the bike can give you the opportunity to improve your skills. Re-watching your rides will allow you to see what you have done well and what you may be able to improve on. Picking up on problems when you are sat in the house will allow you to make a conscious effort to correct those problems once you are back in the saddle. It is also possible to show your videos to an instructor so that they can comment on anything else that you might have missed when re-watching.

Share Your Rides

Recording videos of your rides will also give you the opportunity to share your rides with other. Motorbike riding can be a solitary experience, because no other rider will have exactly the same experience as you, even if you are riding along the same stretch of road at the same time. Being able to share your rides with others can also help you to develop your role in the motorcycle riding community.

There are hundreds of different video vlogs and YouTube channels which are completely dedicated to showing off rides that were captured using helmet camera technology. If you do decide to put your rides onto a video-sharing platform, other people may be able to comment on the content that you have decided to share. This can be a great way to get feedback from other riders who have the opportunity to see your skills and study the terrain from your point of view.

Lower Insurance Costs

Some insurance providers are prepared to offer motorcycle riders lower insurance premiums if they are prepared to record all of their rides with a helmet camera. A helmet camera should be able to provide evidence if the rider is involved in any incidents whilst they are out on the road. The evidence which is recorded by these cameras can be used to help to find out who was at fault for a crash or accident. The insurance provider can also provide your footage to the defendant’s insurance provider if there are any disputes over who is responsible. In general, insurance providers also believe that people ride more safely when they are wearing helmet cameras for insurance purposes.

Protect Yourself

Wearing a helmet camera can help you to protect yourself from other drivers. Many car drivers do not give motorcycle riders enough space when they are on the roads and inattentive drivers can fail to spot bikers in their wing mirrors. However, bikers often get the blame for these incidents. Footage from a helmet camera can be used to protect you from these types of allegations and help to prove or disprove who was at fault in a personal injury claim.

You can also submit your footage to the police if you are involved in any incident where another road user commits an offence and does not stop. Taking these users off of the road, even for a short amount of time can help to protect other motorcycle riders. Most helmet cameras also come with audio recording technology, so that you can get a record of any verbal altercations that occur whilst you are riding.

Deter Bad Behaviour

The simple presence of a visible helmet camera can help to deter some bad behaviour from other road users. When people see your camera they will realise that there is the possibility that their behaviour may be captured on camera. They will then modify their normal behaviour so that the footage will not end up showing them in a bad light. Riders with helmet cameras often find that other road users become less aggressive towards them.