Best Motorcycle Channels on Youtube

Blogging and Vlogging is all the rage these days, because everyone seems to have something to say. However we believe that vlogging is actually the way forwards for motorcycle fiends. Vlogging is like blogging but with a camera. With helmet cams becoming more and more popular, it is now easier than ever for people to share the rides of their lives.

The international nature of YouTube also means that motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world can share their content with one another. These channels give riders the opportunity to see bikers covering terrain that they could never even dream of visiting for themselves. Here are some of the best (in my humble opinion) YouTube channels.


BaronVonGrumble has over 200,000 subscribers and has racked up nearly 30million video views in total. The Baron is well known for his helmet cam footage, his product reviews and his vitriolic rants whenever something isn’t quite right. His sense of humour is one of the things that keep viewers coming back to his channels.

Videos on this channel include a range of different styles, including off-road riding, track cycling and maintenance tips. Despite only taking up riding in 2008, the Baron now has 6 different bikes which he rides as part of the show. This helps to keep things incredibly varied for the viewers.

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The OnYerBike channel prides itself on being an alternative source of motorcycle news. The videos on the channel are presented in a more televisual style than some of the other channels on this list, so it is good for people who would prefer to feel as though they are watching a properly formatted show. The videos often take a look at the action from motorcycle meets and club events. The bikes which are featured range from classic motorcycles through to top-off-the-range modern models. Although the presenter Paul loves to talk about Honda bikes, he does also feature other brands on the show.

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The idea behind the Premises187 channel is that it showcases some of the weirdest and most dangerous behaviour that occurs on London’s roads. It is a really interesting watch for anyone who wants to experience a little bit of the danger that riders in the capital face every single day, or any London rider who wants to feel like they are not alone!

Playlists on the channel include examples of silly pedestrians as well as incidents with other road users. Subscribers to the channel are even able to pick up a discount code which can be used on buying a helmet cam of their own.

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The RoadcraftNottingham blog is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to brush up on their motorbike skills. It is run by an award-winning Nottingham-based motorcycle instructor. The channel includes video tips which would be ideal for anyone who is planning on doing their Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) in the near future. There are brief explanations of UK bike laws and how they affect motorcycle drivers. In addition to this, the channel includes some short clips which are designed to help users to test themselves on their own skills. There are also a few videos which offer basic bike maintenance tips for users.

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Motorbike Repairs

The Motorbike Repairs channel does exactly what it says on the tin and offers a range of different videos about how to repair motorbikes. This is a great channel for people who want to learn more about how to perform basic maintenance tasks on their motorbike, such as bleeding the radiator. Whilst some of the videos are simple fixes, other videos explain how to build up bikes to make them even better. Although the channel is not updated at all these days, the videos are invaluable resources for bike enthusiasts who learn best from watching others do their work.

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The MotoGP channel is the official channel of the MotoGP World Championship bike racing series. It is a great channel to visit if you are looking to catch-up on all the latest news, views and action from the biggest bike racing series in the world. The channel is broken down into playlists from each race meet. Each playlists includes a whole host of pre-and-post race footage, as well as unique helmet cam footage from the races themselves. Visitors are also able to enjoy exclusive interviews with all of their favourite MotoGP riders.

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Tankgrrrl is an inspirational, no-nonsense female motorcycle blogger who is based in New Zealand. She posts a mixture of on-road and off-road content, which covers some of the most spectacular scenery in the Southern Hemisphere. Like many of the other motorcycle blogs on this list, Tankgrrl’s blog is not for the faint-hearted, nor for the easily offended. She has verbal diarrhoea and tends to swear a lot during the course of every video as she rides over some of New Zealand’s grittiest terrain.

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